Reply To: Tangled web, where to start?


    Thanks, Peter!

    Yes, more details–my parents devolved into extreme drunkenness over years.  My dad started to go downhill when I was 7, which interestingly is when I developed a severe stutter (healed now, but must be part of the remaining jaw/tongue tension).  The alcoholism was accompanied by an increasing amount of drunken yelling over the years by him, reaching it's worst in my pre-teen/teenage years.  He scared the crap out of me, A LOT!!!  (And yes, he'd yell about money and withhold it and cut it off suddenly and arbitrarily.)  He had to LOOK AT you to yell, too, he needed an audience. 

    My feeling is, I just “held on” for years with this tension, and it worked, as I am physically healthy and somehow stayed sane!  But it's not working so great for me now, it's in the way of more life for me.

    I'm happy to supply any other details and am VERY grateful for your time and expertise!