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Jeff Harding
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    All wonderful responses Kay and Oz… mahalo nui!

    Let me offer some additional insights…

    • Coming Soon – Ah, first of all, coming soon, in the next couple weeks… I interviewed a lovely lady from Slovenia who initially dealt with her blushing issue very successfully using the Click Tracks… she talks about how she approached this issue … stay tuned!

    • Blushing is Not About Blushing – First, let's step back a bit… literally … because one of the issues with blushing is that when someone fears it, abhors it, etc.; then it becomes a “fight” or a willful exercise against blushing; and blushing is not the problem, it's a reaction.  Treating the reaction (or the symptom) will almost always be temporary.

      Recommendation: The PSTEC for Blushing tutorial from Tim is quite detailed on this aspect… be sure to listen in on that tutorial in much detail… take notes.  It is not long because the “blushing issue” is simple and it comes down to fundamentals about clearing anything that has an element of fear.

      Kay, you mentioned, “after studying the tutorial I don’t recall him ever speaking of actually accepting blushing”; I'm not sure what you mean there and it's not important, per se, but there is not an advocacy of “accepting” blushing, but there is a movement in the direction of not being “bothered” by blushing which can clear the way to shift your Mind Model in the direction of not “needing” to blush as a reaction.

      Ah, but we do “use” the blushing as a source of clues to the true source of this interesting reaction.

      Nana I Ke Kumu (Look to the source)… we want to get to the cause and that will involve changing your mind … changing your Mind Model (MM) … changing how you view the world, not just about blushing, but about the world in general or at least in certain aspects.

    • I Can't Find THE Memory – Don't look for ONE particular memory that would be the cause.  When I say “cause,” it's usually a group or series of emotional experiences and also beliefs that are accumulated over some time.

      So, be patient as your subconscious mind sorts through your conscious intention and present to you the relevant memories and thoughts that you need to shift in order to transcend this issue.

      You DO know what the cause is… you do have access to the memories.  Be careful about putting much stock in thoughts about “Not being able to remember memories.”  Use the PSTEC Tools properly and you will be able to recall more and more.

      It's just that each of us has a different ability to access it… some suppress more earnestly (subconsciously) than others.  Ah, but also, feel confident in knowing that you can improve on your skill of listening to your subconscious… you just have to put the effort and intention into it like you would in being earnest in listening to another human being.

      As JS mentioned, “It started about 5 years ago when i was in secundairy school.”

      Ok, JS; there's obviously a memory recall right there about something that happened 5 years ago… even if it's just a blushing memory… that's useful… maika'i (excellent)!!

      Ok, that's a great place to start and begin listening to your subconscious (sub) mind in terms of what happened around or prior to that time that gives you the same feeling.

      You don't need a ton of memories to work on, just begin with that one.  Or, as in Oz's example in this thread, begin with an imagined, future event.  Take the worst case scenario… blushing in front of a large crowd … how does that feel?

      Now, as Oz said, you can take that imagined event and the feeling to the Click Track … or use the Accelerator Tapping Track (ATT) to help you recall other memories that may be necessary to neutralize … and as you do that, let your sub present to you other memories that are related… it will in most cases.

      When you recall another memory… jot it down.  CT those as well.

      Note:  If you feel up to it; another imagined event I use quite often is the fear of failure.  So, imagine NEVER getting over this issue… what does that look like to you?  How does it feel?  Take that to the CT.

      Now, you are not trying to accept blushing by doing this, but you are addressing the fearful reaction to blushing.  You are also prompting the sub to reveal more and more about your current MM that produces these reactions.

      Recommendation: Use of the Accelerators if you are having difficulty in recalling memories, will always produce some results.  Give it some time depending upon the level of your mind's suppression of memories, feelings and thoughts.

    • I Just Want to Hide – Remember, this is not about blushing; it's about being embarrassed, or pressured, or put into the limelight.  And, all of those States of Being involve not being worthy… not being good enough.  All this has to do with (pardon me) giving a damn what others think about you.

      This is an important aspect.

      Be aware of your conclusions in your MM that are absolutely “dripping” with unworthiness and insecurities because, you know what?  Those are errors in thinking because you are worthy… worthy to walk the world in absolute and utter J.E.E.P…. always!  It's just that somewhere along the way, you began to believe that you don't… that you are not worthy.  Trust me… it's a lie!  And, it's time to drop that error… drop your belief in that lie. :D

      This discovery trail will lead you to memories that you may feel are not related to blushing, but do not fall for that ruse … when a memory comes up… no matter what it is… and it does not feel JEEP … then CT it!

      Be diligent… be ruthless … make it your Life's work… to clear and clean ANYTHING that is not JEEP.  Be done with it!!!  ALL of it!

      Recommendation: Note some of the ideas from Kay about various aspects about embarrassment, fears, etc.  Just take those topics and be specific by asking yourself about what evidence you have in your life that is about embarrassment.  Ask your mind to reveal the memories and thoughts.

    • But I'm not sure if I can stop this… not sure if PSTEC can work – There are 3 aspects of your MM to change: emotions, beliefs and behaviors.

      PSTEC Positive (PP), as Kay pointed out, will address the beliefs and it's can be very, very helpful to use this not in terms of address blushing directly, but addressing your belief that you WILL find the source of the issue and you will transcend this.

      Recommendation: Again, in the Blushing Tutorial you will find some PSTEC Positive Statements to use with PP.  Use those statements and PP very liberally as Tim instructs.

    • I use the CT, but I'm still blushing, so it's not working – Here is where your sub is trying to tell you that there is proof to stay as you are because, you know what, the sub resists change.

      You have to take the role of mentor and trainer of the sub in Higher States of Being… of a Higher Consciousness…. as High as you wish!  ;D

      If you listen to the Interview I did with Meghan a couple years ago… jeez, time flies … she was not dealing with blushing but with social anxiety.  First time with the CT's did not clear it all up.  But, when she ventured out, she still felt the anxiety, so she went back to the CT's and did more.  She listened intently to what was coming up and continued to CT.

      Dismiss discouragement… you can even CT that.  As I mentioned above, imagine not getting over it, what do you feel?  CT it!

      You not truly addressing a phobia here… that's not what this is about… this is not about blushing, but about shifting what brings on the blushing.

      You ARE addressing the fears and limited conclusions within your MM and some are a bit “deep”… meaning they are suppressed because you “value” them as the best way to go… you resist letting them go… or your sub does.

      When someone does not believe something will work, they tend to sabotage themselves… tend to not FULLY follow the directions … tend to not immerse themselves fully because they are already looking for something else that will work.

      Most private sessions I hold with individuals reveals many errors in how they are proceeding with PSTEC and/or they are missing the clues the sub is presenting to them.  This is merely an issue of being “too close to the problem.”

      Immerse yourself in shifting your MM… releasing all the fears … shifting your beliefs from the limited thoughts to thoughts of unlimited possibilities.

      Use your conscious mind to stay the course… mentor your sub UNCONDITIONALLY and with kindness and Unconditional Love.  That's right, you have to exhibit Unconditional Love for Self.

      Yes, yes… you are worthy.

    • [/list]
      Recommendation: Ultimately, if you are stuck,  consider having a session or two, at least, with a practitioner who may be able to guide you along beyond the stuckness … get you over the hump.

      You may need some guidance from someone to “see” through the errors in thinking … to help you see the Truth about yourself.

      Remember, you ARE worthy!

      Aloha nui loa!