Reply To: What and how often should you use the tracks.


    PStec is designed to instill positive change. So use it as much as possible. I've been using it since January. Over the last 6 months I average around 8 click track run throughs a day. My record is 22 run throughs in one day which took around 4.5 hours. Everytime I use a click track it has had an effect. In fact they work better now than ever.

    However it is a marathon and not a sprint. There's no point you doing 10 or 20 run throughs in one day, burning yourself out and then not doing anything for 2 weeks. Better to do 4 a day every day for 2 weeks.

    Of course this is my experience, it's up to you to find your own limits. One click track session I would say is 4 or 5 run throughs. Try to do that as a minimum, and try to do it everyday. Test it to see how much you can do. Just like learning to run a marathon, you gently push yourself further. If you feel you need a rest day or 2 that's fine as well. Ending with a positive track is a good thing to do. I can't comment on the weight loss track(I'm a person that needs to gain weight ;))