Reply To: Glossophobia / fear of public speaking

Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    Aloha H!

    First of all… don't worry about labeling something as a phobia or a panic attack or an ostrich.

    What is important here … at least it appears to be from your post …  is that you have a desire to speak before groups of people, so use that desire as not only a gage of your progress, but also as the point of focus for your subconscious work with PSTEC.

    When in doubt about the source or cause of an issue, begin with either a very recent memory/event or you can also imagine an issue occurring in the future (i.e. an imagined event).  Let's use the imagined event method.  Imagine making a speech in the future; a speech you are scheduled to make in the future or one you wish to make … it does not matter.  Now imagine the details, what is the most upsetting aspect; maybe it's the number of people, a particular subject, your own speech pattern … imagine as much detail as you can.  Now, how does that feel?  Any unpleasant emotions/feelings?  Rate it and run the Ct while imagining that happening and TRYING hard to feel the unpleasant (or non-JEEP) emotions.

    After the CT, assess two things:

    1. How is the emotional rating?  If it's not 0-1 yet, run the CT again.
    2. What other memories, thoughts, emotion or feelings came up?  If there are old memories that come up, then CT those as well.

      Note:  The memory may have nothing to do with making a speech.  If it came up, respect that info the subconscious has presented to you and CT it!  Don't question it, evaluate it, judge it or deem it unrelated… just CT it… or them.

    3. [/list]If anxiety or panic attack memories arise, CT those memories as well.
      Don't analyze this too much… just be aware of non-JEEP feelings and CT them… keep it simple.
      A Hui Hou!