Reply To: Using PSTEC CTs while exercising


    Hi Jeff,

    I was more or less envisioning sitting outside in a secure spot breathing in fresh air while CTing.  It held some appeal for me, but I do get that multi-tasking with PSTEC could/would interfere with staying safe.  (I won't hang off the side of a cliff and click track…promise:)

    I'm clearing out all the dumb things that's ever been said to me over the decades by mental health professionals, and man, is there ever a lot, most of which had left me furious.  I'm exhausted doing these particular negative feelings, but the effort is paying off.  I've booked a flight out of town for two weeks, something I wouldn't have conceived of a month ago.

    What a difference a few weeks makes, can't wait to see my progress by this Christmas…