Reply To: Weird permanent anxious pain in pit of stomach after CT


    One thing I'd like to add

    Even though the negative feelings from the past regarding sex and women have been what you guys would call it, obliterated lol, I still find myself testing and thinking about it in the future. I want to just move on and not care.

    Do I need negative or is the positive power enough? The constant obsessing and thinking about performance are always on my mind although I am 100 times more confident now after the CT.

    What is the best way to go about this?

    I've CTd past and future emotions about it
    Failing and the feelings associated with it
    The feelings of being anxious with another woman in past and future

    I want to be able to tolerate uncertainty and not care about what might happen. I want to have a spontaneous mindset about sex. Not a duty to perform or to have an all or nothing approach to it

    I've been doing positive power but I'm not sure if I should go the ps negative root