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Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    Keep in mind … don't over think this … KISS; keep it simple sweethearts!

    Think about PSTEC work in terms of fundamentals:

    * If you feel unpleasant, CT/EEF that.
    * If you have limiting beliefs, erase them with PSTEC Negative
    * If you don't have empowering beliefs, suggest them with PSTEC Positive.

    In my mind, everything would use the CT/EEFs because everything is a memory unless it's being experienced NOW, is that right?

    The emotions are associated, usually, with memories/imagined events.  But a belief may not be so not “everything.”

    When you feel non-JEEP feelings and a memory/imagined event comes up with it, CT it! (When I say “CT it” that also means you can use the EEF's or even the Accelerator Tapping Tracks (ATT).

    if I'm at home CT on some memories of an interaction I just had, I'd use EEFs. If, however, I'm at home and I'm feeling anxiety for no apparent reason, then I use the CR, is that right?

    Not necessarily … let's say you feel anxiety, begin to look at the memories of feeling anxious and CT those.  There is a separate set of instructions for anxiety in the Free Basic Package; be sure to review this.

    Another approach with non-JEEP feelings is to ask when you last felt similarly… and before that… and before that … and when was the first time you remember feeling that way?  You see?  Ask the questions of your mind… your subconscious … and the memories that are “important” to the subconscious will be revealed and you can then CT those memories.

    Also, use of the Accelerators will increase the recall of memories, feelings, thoughts and the source of the issues.

    if I'm feeling that SAME anxiety, but wait till later to work on it and no longer feel it, I would once again use the EEFs on the memory of the anxiety.

    You do not have to FEEL the feeling when running the CT's.  Feel the feeling is NOT  part of Tim's instructions.  He says, specifically, to TRY HARD to feel the feeling… big difference.

    You are not CT'ing the memory of the feeling… you are CT'ing the memory and the associated feeling that comes when the memory is recalled.  You see the difference?
    You are not CT'ing how you felt back when the memory occurred.  You are CT'ing how you feel NOW when you recall the memory.  TRY HARD to get upset about whatever memory comes up and CT it.  When you're done, rate the intensity again.

    If you claim you no longer feel any emotional upset about the memory, either it's clear and not an issue any longer (not likely if it bothered you yesterday and today you say it does not bother you… not likely, but possible) or perhaps your mind is denying, rationalizing, “forgetting” the emotional intensity.  Again, use of the Accelerators can help to resolve those types of issues that keep the “junk” buried and hidden.