Reply To: PSTEC does not work. Why?

Peter Bunyan


    Zero motivation sounds like a form of procrastination. You want to do things yet “do not feel like it”. A sort of excuse to get out of doing something. This could be driven by a “fear of change” one of your subconscious's self protecting mechanisms, but in your case working a bit too hard. Here it could be that you have this new venture in mind but in order for it to happen you would have to become a new person, not your old self. A person with all the drive and qualities needed to start and run a new business and make it successful.

    If I have got this right then in order to banish the lethargy then try this:

    Imagine yourself in say 5 years time you have created your new business and it is growing and making money for you, in short successful. Imagine a day in your life in this future, what you would be doing, where you are going, who you would be seeing and generally enjoying this day. Yes you really want this but the chances are that as soon as you try to imagine it other negative feelings also arise. Doubts and “I don't quite believe it” type things also this losing your old self, these are the feelings to Click Track.

    Also I suggest an exercise routine even if it is going out for a few miles walking. More, steer clear of alcohol and other drugs, this could push zero motivation into depression.

    The exercise of imagining your future that you want helps to counter the negativity in itself. For other people reading, this counter weighting can be boosted with other PSTEC products like PSTEC Positive which is also part of PSTEC Level 1.

    Hope this helps