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    Hi pcguy730

    CR does not clear out old feelings and memories but re-date stamps them to the future. The Click Tracks are the tool for detaching feelings from memories. Although they work in different ways I would suggest working with CT 2015 first in any case.

    Hello Peter,
    this conversation is old, so I hope it's ok to join in with my own questions.
    I am thinking about buying CR for the use on my cPTSD. I already have lots of experience with the free tracks, with the EEFs, accelerators, PSTEC positive, negative and with CT 2015.

    When you say that there will be a re-date stamp, does that mean there will be some kind of flashback with those memories for which I right now have amnesia? And after that flashback I can tap them in the usual way? I just would like to know in which way the memories will come back or manifest themselves for the first time ever. Righ now while tapping, I have some kind of structure that works very well for me.

    I first tap, then I tell myself what I was tapping and what I think about that after tapping. No, I am not crazy. :) It's just that as soon as I am able to articulate something, it's not that frightening any more and it's no longer a heavy burden or a bruise on my soul.
    I usually combine PSTEC with breathing techniques and with Jin Shin Jyutsu, that works great for me, because it relieves the tension in my body and it is comforting.

    I am not a newbie when it comes to tapping on my PTSD and I did lots of therapy. I know what I am dealing with and right now it's just about those events where I know that there happened something bad or that there was something that went terribly wrong. I roughly know what happened, but without the details.
    Those blanc spaces occour often for times when someone with a NPD/BPD was raging ( and I was dissociating) or gaslighing, so i am not sure if it is really important to know what happened as long as I bring to my mind that what happened was narcisstic abuse. Because it's about them in those moments, I guess it's “their” stuff? I did some surrogate tapping for that NPD/BPD persons and yes, I already listened to that interview with Cynthia.

    My tapping is not only about PTSD, but also about my OCD, which I developed as an attempt to cope with narcissistic abuse. I needed to balance the cognitive dissonance resulting from gaslighting and abuse. I really worked hard with EFT, PTSD and all that other techniques and it got a lot better. There is still work to do, but as long as I know that there are techniques that help me getting over it, that's ok. I can live with that. :)

    For me, it was important to be able to name that stuff, e.g. to know that there is something called gaslighting, that I am not going crazy. I needed to understand, what was going on and why, but I also learned that there is a time when it is necessary to let go of that stuff completely. In the end, that hurt, that was passed on during abuse, it's the pain of the offender and only subsidiarily mine. I only can heal my own wounds. But as I know now, healing my wounds is doable as soon as I give back the pain that does not belong to me, that only was contained into the soul of the child and the patient I used to be. Lucky me found herself a narcisstic therapist and the abuse continued for some time. But that eventually stopped some years ago. :)

    For me my cPTSD was like a big hole in the ground. I was drowning in there and could not escape. And now, after all those hours spent on PSTEC, EFT, breathing techniques, all those self help articles and psychology books, it's like I finally get out of this hole.

    I recommened PSTEC to a lot of people suffering from their own stories and problems. It was like they were just waiting for something like that. I am German and PSTEC is not really common here. The german PSTEC site does not really offer a lot and that's sad. Will there be more soon?