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Peter Bunyan

    Hi Sidney

    The writing down on paper is excellent. In order to make it happen you also need to be able to imagine that “new you” with as many different senses engaged as possible. not just the clothes you might wear but the colors and textures, the smell of them. The places you might go, example,  the sights and sounds and smell of a coffee shop, the taste of the coffee, the people in the shop, the background music playing, the feel of the chair you are sitting on. The more real the better. Put yourself in the moment as if it were now not a “wouldn't it be nice if”. This is doing the opposite of your childhood where negative emotions were attached to events. Here we are attaching positive emotions to a future event/s but time shifted to the now. This is experiencing the “new you” and thereby giving your subconscious the goals to look for and find for you.
    If you have not already done so download the totally free “Wealth of Abundance” track from my site this is another track from Tim and is about gratitude not just for what you have, but for what you do not have yet. It will help make it happen.
    Re PTSD One PSTEC therapist who has specialized in PTSD is Andy Eckley his site is