Reply To: turning a corner…

Gerry Albert

    Update:  it's been a year since my initial post.  At some point my use of PSTEC tapered off to occasional use and I just recently started again to address specific issues. 

    Shortly after the last post I accepted a new position at work, which was good; however I continued to have my existing responsibilities along with the new job.  We could call both high responsibility/high stress/long hours… so I did that for about six months.  During that time I accepted another position but didn't have to start that one until the other two were filled, but that put me several months behind in planning and preparation for this year, so there's that. 

    A few months into my new position I was asked to apply for yet another position by a client and this is where the good stuff starts again… in the process of interviewing etc. I realized that a good portion of my knowledge/practice of career related practices were just wrong (ineffective) and that this would affect my chances of getting the new job.  And I did not get the new job.  And that is a good thing.

    Back to using PSTEC:  through the long, slow, painful process of the last year I have been able to identify emotions that needed addressed more clearly.  I have used the Click Tracks (all versions), the Accelerators and listened to “how to achieve almost anything…”, PSTEC Advanced 1 & 2 and recently PSTEC Positive Secrets to keep the process moving forward.

    Significant changes:  I have noticed a change in the emotions that I feel the need to use the Click Tracks (CT) on.  Moving past the initial, obvious memories that I had fixated on for decades, I noticed a new “layer” of feelings would come to mind when I use the CT. 

    There are still feelings, anxieties in specific situations that I feel the need to CT, so I do.  But I have started to feel the desire/need to move toward new things (as opposed to just away from the negative emotions), so I have begun to use the PSTEC Positive tools now too.

    Another important aspect of the journey for me is that I have benefited much from reading different perspectives/ideas about my specific issues.  This has helped to identify the emotions/beliefs that I have held and where they have been negative, limiting or unproductive for me specifically, and more importantly where to focus when using the CT and other PSTEC tools.