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Paul McCabe
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Hi Peter,

I've listened to that and have gotten a lot out of it.

I've nearly got the full suite of products. The only products I haven't YET gotten are Advanced 2, Magic Sentences, Peak Performance and some of the more specialised products (smoking cessation, weight loss etc.)

Haha. No, although I do respect a lot of modalities (the intention to heal and help others is a great one), I didn't much personal value from EFT, or maybe I just missed a step. I know it's effective for a great number of people.

I've been studying different modalties/teachers for a good number of years, with the intent to practice what I know works in a lasting and.meaningful way, and PSTEC is absolutely superb in its simplicity, effectiveness and range of uses.

It's a therapy that really deserves even greater prominence, in my humble opinion.

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