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Peter Bunyan

    Hi Hmunachi

    When very young we learn by copying. It might be that you learnt  to stutter from your brother right from the age of say two. (Do either of your parents or other relatives have this problem?) When you were older at school you would have discovered that the stuttering was not quite normal but as nobody took much notice it was not much of an issue. Much later as a teenager you might have found it embarrassing and at this point anxiety could have built up fearing further embarrassments.

    If this sort of story is something like yours then perhaps the way forward is to Click Track remembered incidents. The most memorable first. this may not stop the stutter but it hopefully will give you back some confidence lost. I base this on the fact that you believe it to be limiting social life and career prospects. So rather than aim at losing the stutter aim for increasing self worth and confidence such that the stutter does not matter in any situation at all.

    How does this sound to you?