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Paul McCabe
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    Hi Bodycodehealer,

    Further to what Peter wrote, I couldn't help but notice that Tim also offers a specialised program for ending food compulsions. It's specifically designed to help people overcome their compulsions for junk food:

    Having not tried this particular program, I can advise that I have used other PSTEC tools to overcome my coffee addiction.

    It's important to note that food addictions operate like a loop. People eat certain foods when they're emotional, but certain foods are packed with addictive ingredients and can heighten a sense of comfort/well-being and that “boost” can be sought all on its own.  So, people eat/drink when they are trying to either avoid an undesired emotion or to simply get the good feeling (comfort, energy etc.) that the food/drink offers.

    Advertisers know all about our triggers, so the less healthy foods are marketed in such a way as to promote their emotional benefits (the Happy Meal). I am yet to see a TV advertisement extolling the virtues of raw food, so most of us are bombarded with images and ideas about fatty, unhealthy food and sugary drinks.

    Also, and I know this from personal experience, but some really positive social interactions and connections take place when unhealthy food and drink is present!

    So, there is an element of emotional conditioning at play here. It's about breaking the loop.

    A few suggestions based on my own experiences.

    1) Get in touch with the feelings you have when you are offered certain foods. Once you do, click track each memory down to 0. Do you feel guilty if you eat certain foods? Do you feel guilty if you say no (maybe look at childhood experiences here: were you told it was rude/wasteful to turn down food? )? What are your feelings about and when consuming each type of food you mentioned? 

    2) With the PSTEC Negative tracks, I'd suggest looking to see if you hold the following. Say each and see if they have any emotional resonance for you (a sure sign you hold the belief)

    – “My belief is that it's bad to refuse food.”

    – “My belief is that it's bad to turn people down.”

    – “Eating unhealthy food helps me connect with people.”

    3) To counter these on the Positive tracks, you could use softer suggestions like “it's ok to turn down food.” To empower yourself even further, suggestions like “I allow myself to make healthy eating choices,” “every day I am getting better,” “I'm inspired to eat the most healthy foods” and “from now on I allow myself to drink and enjoy fresh water” might help.

    The final points I'd like to make would be to look at the other issues food is helping you avoid..You mention housework. It might be a good idea to run the Click Track on the feelings of doing housework. Moreover, the “emotional eating loop” means that it's essential to replace the positive emotional benefits you get from certain foods with other, more healthy activities that produce similar emotional effects.

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