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Brian Tucker

    Update – Day 17

    Woke up today feeling good. Listened to Positive Empowered again first thing. Planned to run the rest of the negative tracks but this morning I got a bit of sadness “pain” was pretty sure it was relationship based so I came home and cleared it. I ran the wrapper and then one run of 2015 long and it was pretty low. Ran the 2015 Medium and then it was very low. I thought I could give it one more go but this is not so easy to recreate, it is that pain you feel before you start crying in a certain spot in your sinuses. What is interesting is that after I got through the second run I thought “I will just let it go and see what happens if it comes back again later I will just run it again” and then a few hour later it dawned on me that my level of urgency to clear that was way down and I wasn't too worried about really wiping it out. I attribute it to my overall sense of importance lowering dramatically and my mental state being much more calm and relaxed at all times in general.

    Another thing I became aware of today… The more clearing I do along the way, it is not taking me as many runs to clear things as the first round of emotions. I attribute this to the first few emotions I cleared out being very strong and deep long-standing beliefs. Seems like now that those are all out of the way, feelings now coming up are weaker and so I don't need to be so aggressive in going after them because I can just sort of work on them if they come back up.

    I also take the process of starting with the long 2015 track because it has so much more power to it and then perhaps running it a second time and then going backwards to the medium and the short until it turns into a pin. I also sometimes have to shift the recreation of the emotion a bit (the feeling) while I am working on it depending on what it is to really get all aspects of it because it seems like it can change a little while I am working on it sometimes and finally relax completely to finally get the remaining “low level hum” feeling of it cleared out.

    Back tomorrow!