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Peter Bunyan


    Your body and mind are the same thing. If you like, your body is the solid bit, the mind you can see, the hardware and your mind the software, the invisible bit. They do not work on their own you need both as an interactive system. A problem in one shows up in the other, although not always in obvious ways. Problems or issues in the mind give rise to physical behaviors and physical problems create mental problems, depression and more. Good health requires the system to be working well. You might think it is easier to control what you do and eat but think for a moment and consider the problems smokers have “giving up” or obese people eating a healthy diet. Evolution tells us that we are controlled by feelings and emotions with what we call thoughts in language coming in afterwards rationalizing or justifying  what we just did. If you like thoughts are feelings expressed in a verbal form but feelings also have associated behaviors even if you do not realize you are performing these behaviors.

    At 17 you are still learning your own abilities and how to interact with other people, sort of still fragile. Most likely by this stage sex complicates things and you can be hurt easily by others by either them not thinking or deliberately. Relationships in a word, with your parents, siblings, relatives or peers are usually the most influential. Teachers, Doctors and other authority figures also play a significant part.

    Hopefully letting your mind wander over what I have just written will give you a clue as to what happened to you at that time.