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Brian Tucker

    Everything from the last post has settled in perfectly. All of that stuff no longer bothers me at all mentally or emotionally.

    The other new fear/emotion/belief I had revealed to me was at work. It is a fear that that took me several sessions to remove because it kept moving through my body ranging from a feeling of fear starting deep in the core of my chest all the way into the pit of my stomach. This is the first one I have cleared that has something with an emotion that morphed and moved throughout my body so much. It was nice because the feeling in the pit of the stomach is not easy to recreate and hold onto because it is usually fleeting..

    I just kept working on it over the course of a few sessions using various tracks and I even incorporated in the new hypnotic emotional cleanser and am starting to use at the end with the relaxing accelerator. I am going to now add the emotional cleanser to most of my sessions before finishing with the relaxing accelerator to get rid of the last little bit of mental negative feeling left over.

    This was an interesting experience because it was all related to fear of failure/procrastination and the following beliefs “if I make a mistake or fail i'll be rejected”, “mistakes and failure are bad” and “nothing I do is good enough”

    I used 1.) some thoughts from playing sports when I was a kid, 2.) many present thoughts at work and in other areas of my life and 3.) finally a few worse case imagined future events. It is notable that in the case of the future events I actually imagined the action of making mistakes, failing and being rejected by someone for doing so in a horrible way. I have found that “imagine what it would be like” works but what is more effective for me is I use the thoughts of “imagine and feel what it would be like as if it is actually happening in the present moment” this is really helpful. I find when I mix the recent, past childhood and imagined worse case future scenarios it is really effective! I just keep scanning through all of them and focus as hard as I can on that associated emotion and physically try as hard as possible to recreate it and hold it. It seems the harder I try the faster and easier it clears for good.

    After finally clearing the emotions a few days ago, I was on my first conference call at work today and was asked to do things that were causing fear and procrastination in me before. Today it was completely different. Things were completely normal and the fear was replaced with a positive feeling. I thought to myself hey nice, those thoughts and feelings are gone let's do this.

    The reason this was revealed to me was because in my previous jobs I was always the leader – the go to guy and never in a position to perceive that I would make a mistake or fail so this was not an issue. In my new job I have a new responsibility of which was causing this false perception of fear of failure. Imagine how this was causing me hidden issues across my entire life.

    I have now started working on another interesting one that has come to me with respect to urgency and a second one which has to do with my relationship situation. I will give a nice update on this one as well as the two new ones in a few days when I have more progress and experience to share.