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Brian Tucker

    So 9 days later it seems like suddenly I am able overall clear things so much quicker and easier.

    I started using the “why technique” and no matter if I am starting with a tapping accelerator track or an emotional click track, within a minute or so of repeatedly asking “why” it begins revealing the event(s) associated with the emotion. Eventually, I will recall the original event or flashes of things and usually when that happens it disappears quickly. Often times there may be hundreds of events tied to these and then suddenly taking me back to the original and so many of these events are the most random things that I would never think have anything to do with them but hey there they are and then it's gone.

    Using this technique has drastically cut down the amount of time to clear because it seems by getting to the original event(s) it takes it right out in a fraction of what I was spending before.

    I also had a little more clarity on the perfection feelings. I realized how many thoughts and feelings of overwhelm, being in a rush and racing thoughts with feelings I had so I just changed things up to work on those a bit and I have noticed overall my general emotional state has turned down in intensity considerably.

    I am now able to go into situations that would have in a previous model overwhelmed me emotionally and caused all sorts of triggers to kick in whereas now I am able to easily brush them off and so many situations where I go in and I am not emotionally affected at all.

    I also had two situations where I had similar emotions swirling in me for a day or two but would not clear. One was various feelings of “not good enough” another was the feelings of perfection. On both of these I just ran the wrapper track one time and focused on what feelings were moving all around and then ran the long relaxational accelerator and within a few minutes it all collapsed. More freedom!