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Paul McCabe
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    Hi plus1g,

    Although each belief may be phrased differently, I would recommend that you say each of the variations out loud. Does any of the phrases have more resonance than the others?

    In most cases, each variation will hold the same emotional resonance, as each phrase will essentially be describing the same belief using different words or syntax.

    Sometimes the phrasing will seem to be important if it's something you've heard a lot of times before and has caused you emotional comfort. For instance, if someone was repeatedly told “you're worthless” and developed the belief “I'm worthless”, that phrase will likely pack a bigger emotional punch than “I don't have any worth.”

    However, the essence of the belief is what's pivotal. We hold the essence and the words are just what we use to convey that.

    I'd contend that, once you successfully eliminate “I'm worthless” (or the words that capture the essence of the belief), that would knock out the variations.

    You'll know this when you eliminate the belief and, in all probability, the variations will hold no resonance. There are some similar beliefs you can hold (“I'm not important” and “I'm worthless” would be seperate beliefs worth eliminating)

    The contractions wouldn't (would not!) impact the structure or essence of the belief. Best way to illustrate this would be to consider a belief you may already hold: do you see that there is no discernible difference between “I'm a hard-working person” and “I am a hard-working person”?

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