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Paul McCabe
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    Hi Tomas,

    I use at least one PSTEC track a day. I vary the tracks when it comes to the CT mp3s. This is so I do not become too familiar with them. Variety, concentration and consistency are important.

    Generally, I am listening to Tim's hypnotic tracks each night – mixing up Positive Empowered and Wealth of Abundance.

    I use PSTEC CTs these days, not so much for anything “dramatic”, to contribute to me being a more rounded, patient and empathetic person. It is not strictly in the “list of recommended uses”, but I have found this very effective and I will write more about it another time.

    The way I do this is to focus something in the day that “bothered” me. It might just be that I felt bothered by having a snap judgement of someone that day.

    So, let's say I was speaking to someone who had a radical political/cultural opinion and they expressed it to me, my gut instinct may be something like “this person is bigoted” or something along those lines.

    Other examples would be when encountering “bad service” in a store or restaurant.

    I don't like judging people that way, and it's not a common practice for me now. However, when I catch myself doing this, I'll run a CT later, focusing on the person and the gut feeling I had.

    As I do this more and more, the gut feelings don't tend to pop up in the same way. If someone expresses an alternative viewpoint, I respect the difference of opinion. If someone seems a “bit off”, I generally feel empathy. I don't automatically make it about me or about them. I don't know what sort of day or life they've had, so natural empathy seems to have taken the place of harsh judgement.


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