Reply To: PSTec Positive: wording for clearing blocks

Peter Bunyan

    Hi Boobinsko

    A few points in no great order;

    Statements for Negative and Positive are best in your own words so they mean more to you. Generic statements are less likely to be effective.

    Positive creates new beliefs and so you need to have a clear idea of what you want to happen/achieve. More than just a form or string of of words, the words need to reflect what you imagine, what you really desire.

    Overcoming an issue with a lot of resistance just with Positive could take time and a lot of plays. Working with Click Tracks and Negative first reduces that time.

    Personally I would not suggest Positive for clearing blocks, but to go straight to the end goal and let your subconscious work out the “how” to get there. However it is like the other products mentioned a multi-purpose tool and you are free to experiment with them.

    Personal change is delivered by suggestion and there are many ways of getting suggestions accepted by the subconscious. Hypnotherapy, NLP, CBT, EFT etc. :D  You can just wear down your resisitance by constant repetition of affirmations. Tim is an expert in this field and combines multiple layers of these techniques into Percussive Suggestion to make the most effective solution possible. However you have to want and accept change, and to make it happen you have to have a clear picture of who you want to become.