Reply To: About feeling emotions/ not feeling emotions

Peter Bunyan

    Hi wander

    Well done for trying! The eefs are meant to be difficult to follow, they would not work if they were easy. Just do your best and keep trying to hang on to memories and tap in synch as best you can. Do the rating 0-10 any way. Just let a number come to mind and trust it. You are after all speaking to yourself.

    You will know when things have changed for you. Those early experiences do not just affect your current reactions to other angry people but they made you feel inferior, less important, have less worth etc. and still do. You will probably have to keep Clicking until you get nearer to a “tipping point” and then you will feel more free, calmer and more confident in all situations.

    There is much more to do, working on money and eating issues, but keep going for now. Also do not forget to listen to WoA.

    Anger is sort of infectious, people react with anger to some else being angry, even though they have no real reason to be. It is such a destructive emotion. It might be another approach to ask yourself “what makes me angry” and any memories or situations that come to mind Click Tracked. I suspect your step father will appear somewhere on the list.