Reply To: "thin-skinned"

Peter Bunyan

    Hi requin

    Good to hear from you again.

    As Paul suggests, and a few more thoughts…

    Using Positive alone to overcome issues can be slow without the Click Tracks first. the problem is not that you believe you are “sensitive” or “thin skinned” but the fact that you are. This is an emotional thing, you react with anger or bad feelings. So Click Tracking that “hidden anger” which is within you all the time waiting for an excuse to burst out, would be my suggestion. Click Tracking any and everything which makes you angry. CT 2015 with it's wrapper track to combine memories would be good for this.

    But to answer your question “I can be calm and relaxed whatever others say” variations “say about me” “say to me”. You need to be able to imagine it as true while running the track. The non-clicking “journey” positive if you get into the habit of using it, is more portable and usable in the moment. Best perhaps everytime just before you go out somewhere. Otherwise the FREE PSTEC and Mindfulness tutorial gives cheap, practical and effective ways of helping yourself get past your issues whatever they are. These focus very much on “positives”.