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    Hi thanks for all the responses ;).  I also looked up Noah St. John and found that really great.  So I usually sleep really well the issue is more like how I feel when I am awake.    I feel sluggish out of sorts not sharp or energized and a lot of my days off I spend sleeping extra to make up for the weird schedule.  I also find myself making really bad food choices at the end of a shift. And during the middle of the night it's like I have 0 will power and when the cravings hit I just rush to get a doughnut or two a candy bar or a McDonald's I haven't eaten these things in years and now feel stuck in this habit and feeling of out of control.  I have tried click tracking and tapping for cravings I end up eating it anyway
    I own the pstec food cravings one the weightloss tracks and the sally baker weightloss program I have tried eft too but with no luck.  I'm starting to gain weight and that scares me.  Any ideas on how to approach this.  I hope it's in the right area.  I will post in weightloss ar a too but I believe these are caused by the night shift and stress of ed work