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Sally Baker

    Hello Melissa glad to hear you found Afformations helpful. Sounds as though you're compensating for your tough schedule with emotional eating including cravings of sugary or salty foods. Me and my colleague Liz Hogon, also a Pstec Master Practitioner wrote 7 Simple Steps to Stop Emotional Eating a self help book published by Hammersmith Books London available from Amazon that shows how to use EFT, Pstec and hypnosis to resolve these issues. Disordered eating requires a thorough response as we all need to eat and it's about developing a healthier relationship with food. When working with drugs or alcohol the desired outcome would probably be cessation of any consumption but with food that's simply not an option.

    If you're using the food cravings track and still eating the junk food then you've more work to do in clearing the emotions that drive you to eat. Explore the self sabotaging behaviour. We think of it as layers of an onion and you unfurl and explore, letting go and resolving old patterns of behaviour. I'd like you to be able to support yourself with the best nutrition too and that means adding into your schedule some time to prep good you can have to hand while you're working. Sounds like a big ask when your exhausted and feeling stuck but treat yourself with kindness and take it one meal at a time. I think there's other stuff going on here such as your reward system and issues around self deserving which can all be reassessed and changed for more positive, life affirming choices. Take care of you Melissa is the main thing. Best regards Sally