Reply To: Positive Statements – Triggers

Peter Bunyan

    Tomas &  Thanks Paul

    Contradictory, inconsistant, yes gulity as charged, and take other sins into consideration. But please consider these mitigating circumstances:

    • Positive Secrets did not exist when I first started writing here.
    • My own experience and understanding, my “paradigm of mind” and how it integrates with the PSTEC Mind Model has grown over that time.
    • There is no standard way of using PSTEC tools, no text book. Everyone experiences and learns from PSTEC in their own way.
    • I'm an unpaid volunteer. Yes I am also a PSTEC Affiliate. That is I get a slice of any sales of products purchased with my tracking code included. However the purpose of this Forum is not to directly push products.
    • Yes I want people to buy the products and get the free ones, it offsets my expenses. This only works if my advice is any good.
    • My advice as Paul says has to be rather generic as I do not know anymore than the information supplied by the member on this forum. The information I require in order to be more effective would be often too personal for most to provide in public.
    • Positive Statements are best provided from your own mind, not from mine.
    • If I provide all the information contained in Positive Secrets then perhaps people would not buy it. I shall ask Tim how far I can go in this direction. How secret does he want them to be?
    • [/list]The evidence and my testimony clearly prove that I am only human.
      Is your sentence “life”? At least they don't hang people here in the UK anymore. Community service, chained to a laptop being a Forum advisor? (This is getting to feel like a circular form of logic) :)

      However do not let this stop you from asking more questions Tomas. This forum is a place of sharing of knowledge and experience and thereby learning. Learning is best done by integrating information from a variety of sources not being spoonfed facts from one. I learn from you as well.