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Paul McCabe
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    Hi Alakh,

    Good to hear from you.

    Yes, although the problem is what you are focusing on, it generally works best to work on a single emotion at a time when running the Click Tracks. Importantly, TRY to feel the emotion

    Certain events can bring up a range of emotions – shame, rejection, anger, sadness, for example. While running the track, TRY to feel just one emotion per Click Track and think of the memory.

    The 2015 Click Tracks allow you to bundle other events/memories/imagined outcomes alongside the emotion and, thus, can emcompass a lot.

    Therefore, I would recommend using these to work on each emotion at a time. The Wrapper track will assist you in bundling these events/memories/imagined events. Your subconscious mind has stored all the memories, so it is just a case of accessing them and neutralising the emotional intensity. The Click Tracks will help you enormously.

    As mentioned earlier, your expectations of any process or in life can have a profound impact. If you expect positive outcomes, it will generally assist your progress and motivate the decisions you make.

    To that end, you could certainly use PSTEC Positive to suggest some changes. This can help you shift your assertion from “I can't change my programming” to “I am changing for the better everyday.” Programme that in and see how you get on. Quite literally, you have been changing your programming since the day you were born, so it is just a case now of getting the shifts you desire and becoming the person you desire to be.

    I feel it is important to hold very good feelings about yourself and also positive expectations of others, but this cannot be intellectualised really. Most of us already know what we “should” do or “should” feel, but our subconscious mind influences our behaviour.

    What interpretations do you think you have formed about your past experiences? What do you believe about yourself? What do you feel about people, in general? What do you believe about life?

    If you honestly ponder and encapsulate these questions in an answer, you might get a sense of your model of the world and identify some beliefs that would be worth eliminating.

    I can tell how much your past experiences have troubled you, but I know that you can work through these issues systematically and can feel “brand new” as a result. That is not to trivalise your experiences, as I appreciate you are feeling hurt, lonely and rejected. Rather, I know that you have it within you to neutralise these emotions and become the person you were born to be.

    By neutralising the negative emotions and suggesting positive changes you have a one-two combo that is destined to help you on your path.


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