Reply To: PSTEC during/before triggering situations ?


    Today I had a meeting and I was starting to feel anxious about 2 hours before.

    Since I was in emotion, I started CT it, and to my surprise it did not go down much.

    For almost 1h30 I did CTs (free and EEFs) on it, but when the time of the meeting came, I was still feeling that pressure in my chest and anxiety.

    I feel that since the event was real and about to come, it was maybe harder.
    But I was really feeling the emotions, focusing on the event. Memories were coming into my mind, and I was also focusing on the worst case scenario.

    I was able to get the tapping right as well. Although generally I don't hear much of what Tim says, being focused on the tapping and events/emotions. I do hear when he says to open the eyes etc.

    Would you have any advice regarding the emotion not going down when all seems to go right ?

    Thank you :)