Reply To: No More Anger/Anxiety for kids?

Paul McCabe
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    Hi Plus1g,

    Further to my previous reply, I have gotten some clarification from Jeff…

    In short, the “No More Anger” and “No More Anxiety” tracks *could* be used by children.  However, they would be very demanding and the language used may be more meaningful to adult users. They are not designed for use with children.

    As Jeff advised “the effectiveness depends upon the child's ability to understand the concepts and integrate them along with consistent focus and use.  Generally, the older the child's age, the more likely they can gain benefit from these types of tracks.

    With younger children, it would be recommended, as it is with the Click Tracks, for the parent or other adult to work with the child using these tracks.  To listen to the instructions with them, answer any questions and then also listen to the tracks with them (I am sure there is benefit for mom and dad as well). “

    I hope that helps.


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