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    Good question and “hi” to you both! :)

    Part of my French language learning has been the discovery of countless peculiarly named tenses. There are at least 25 or more and it came as a shock when I was learning them in a foreign language. I didn't want to go down that rabbit hole with the instructions on these tools though. I like to keep things simple.

    Sooooo….to the question RE the Belief Blasters:- Most people other than linguists think past, present, or future and so when  I put together the instructions I figured that few people would know what present perfect continuous or anything else was  so instead I simply described moving it into the past and gave a few examples. Much simpler!

    My preference would be to shift “I am a failure” to  “I've been a failure” simply because it most accurately describes the belief while not further projecting it into the future. “I was a failure” is fine too and will still work anyway as well so I didn't elaborate on the instructions. (Simplicity of instructions was high on my agenda).  At the end of the day either is fine. I would suggest the former where possible.
    Ps. I'm typing this on a tiny screen so please forgive any typos!