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Paul McCabe
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    Hi Rita,

    Thanks for posting.

    To get a proper handle on this, I think it would be worthwhile knowing exactly what you are trying to create.

    Have you experienced “Money does not make you happy” and want to believe “Money DOES make you happy.” Or do you feel that a belief like “Money does not make you happy” is getting in the way?

    Nothing can “make” us happy or unhappy, per se. We give meaning to events and circumstances, or have a conditioned response to them. More to it than that, of course.

    In a literal sense, you would change that belief to “Money did not make you happy” or “Money has not made you happy.”

    However, I would recommend really chunking down on that belief. Is the “you” “people” in general or is it yourself?

    Firstly, do you want to believe “Money does not make you happy”, or would you prefer to believe something like “I can be happy when I choose to be”?

    Do you already believe “Money does not make you happy” and want to eliminate that?

    For money-related beliefs, look at some patterns you have around money. Do you feel guilty when you have money or sad when you do not?

    What might you have to believe to have a certain pattern of behaviour or emotion around money?

    Common beliefs around money might include:

    “Money is the root of all evil.”
    “Money is hard to come by.”
    “You have to work hard to earn money.”
    “I will never have enough money.”

    Hope to hear more from you, Rita, as I am keen to help you with this.


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