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Russell Cronberg

    Thanks all, these are some great starting points for me.  After reading the replies and digging down further in my feelings I agree that other beliefs are at play causing these global “always” and “never” statements.  Beliefs such as “I'm unlucky” or “I'm cursed” have come to the surface throughout my life. 

    I remember several years ago while I was in traditional talk therapy my therapist and I would uncover a pattern of negative thinking on my part and he would lament “it's your limiting beliefs that are causing all of this”.  Of course he wasn't much help when I would press him on how to eliminate these beliefs but that's a different story.  :-

    I'm really grateful to Tim for developing such an easy to use, simple tool for attacking these beliefs head on.  I know there's a lot of work ahead now but the happiness is in the journey.  Thanks again!