Reply To: PPE to deepen a belief?

Sindee Lee Gillespie

    Thank you Peter – great input all around!

    The exercise example was something that I don't need to “deepen” as I really do love to exercise, its a daily habit and for the most part only miss a workout when an early flight for a business trip interferes. I just used it as an example as I was not wanting to post anything overly specific.

    What I'm finding is that I don't have a lot of emotion around many of my not-so-helpful beliefs – I personally believe that you can tell yourself something negative enough times that you almost become desensitized to it. I'm a (former EFT ADV, NLP, PSYCH-K practitioner) so feel that I do have a good understanding of beliefs and being self-aware. I have worked through a LOT of negative emotion in the 20+ years I've been at this so just want to be clear I'm not disconnected from my emotions…lol

    Yes the Wealth of Abundance track is a wonderful tool! For a very long time now I practice my appreciation daily (have an alarm on my phone that goes off at 5:00 every day and I appreciate/give thanks for 5 things in my life!)

    Having said all that I'm going to play with the PE in the way I asked about and see where it takes me!

    With appreciation,