Reply To: PPE to deepen a belief?

Brian Tucker

    Hello –

    Perhaps I need to use the Belief Blasters on “I find the PSTEC forum very confusing and hard to navigate”….lol

    Having said that I'm rather bored with the BB and when looking through my PSTEC file and all the programs I've purchased came across Positive Secrets and Positive Extra. Have been enjoying using PE immensely!

    Question: what about using PE to enhance a belief we have and yet would like to believe even more deeply … a random example for me would be “I love to exercise” (which I do!)

    Where I feel PE would be of benefit is on some self-love type statements which for the most part we may “consciously” believe and yet unconsciously may not have total buy in. Random example “I am a wonderful person” …some days yes and some days, not so much, right?…lol  Or “I find it easy to….”, “It is easy for me to …..” that type of belief – to enhance a more positive outlook on some areas of life.

    Since our perception creates our experience of life my thinking (no pun intended) is that the PE would allow for/open us up to an even greater experience.

    Thank you!

    With appreciation,


    Why not explore what you have said here and ask what the feelings and beliefs are that you presently have that make you feel like these statements aren't already true because they already are though there is something that is causing you to doubt it in some capacity or not believe it at all.

    There are a load of beliefs that I didn't have a high charge on though you would be amazed at what is in there when you actually blast the belief. You may not have a high charge in the present because there is nothing going on in the present moment to trigger all those thoughts and feelings. Belief blasters – so easy and fast why not blast it anyway? Be certain you don't believe it and be free from it no matter what.