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Paul McCabe
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    Hi TangoBravo,

    Thanks for posting. Great questions.

    We would push the belief into the past tense because, while it may affect us in the present, it was formed in the past and we can effectively consign it to history.

    Beliefs are formed in different ways – direct experience, programming, suggestion and more – so it stands to reason that there is more than one way to get rid of them. This is just, in my experience, an incredibly quick and elegant way to eliminate beliefs. PSTEC Negative works very effectively, but is more involved…if you will.

    To put it in more concrete terms, we may have a belief like “I am a failure”, but this would have been formed in the past (possibly bolstered by recent experiences) and would affect us in the present AND future. However, it is a case of “I'll see it when I believe it” and our life experiences would be filtered via the “I am a failure” paradigm.

    Some people may not be aware of these beliefs and might suppress such thoughts, due to embarrassment, discomfort or shame.

    You believe “I am a failure” now, because you formed it THEN. If you leave it there, it no longer forms part of your present mind model. And future beliefs like “I will be a failure” tend to be expectations based on past experience. With a belief like “I am a failure” eliminated, it is highly probable your perceptions of past experiences and future expectations would be transformed.

    Many other forms of belief elimination or “challenging” will often do so linguistically or by looking at and reinterpreting past events. When you eliminate “I was a failure”, it would follow that “I am a failure” and “I will be a failure” will disappear too. Check in with this. See if any expectations of “failure” crop up and remember that these can also be clicktracked.

    I hope that makes sense. If not, please let me know and I will clarify.



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