Reply To: Clarity On The Process


    hey Paul – thanks for the response!!! good to meet you here.

    thanks for the recommendation as well. you mentioned that the mindfulness audio was free…except that link goes to a version where it's $37. Is the free one at a different link? I'm not opposed to paying, but you did mention it was free… :)

    as far as the beautiful women thingy…my current goal is to be seeing/dating several women, all openly and honestly of course, no “player manipulation” stuff. why??? because I want to have the experience of this in a way I haven't previously had. confidence-wise it's always been the biggest domain of challenge for me, sort of like a last frontier confidence-wise. for instance I'm more or less comfortable with public speaking in a way I am NOT with women I assess to be beautiful/hot/attractive.

    I am open to having a relationship at some point with the right woman…of course!!!

    as far as I can tell I've cleared the approval stuff…and now it's all about wanting to feel safe. just muscle tested again…confirming that it's wanting to be safe that needs to be cleared still present!!!