Reply To: No More Anger / No More Anxiety – How Often to Use?

Paul McCabe
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    Hi Ramance,

    Thank you for posting.

    There is no “hard and fast rule” for how often you use any of the PSTEC tools. I personally recommend immersion (regular use of the tracks and mixing them up for variety), but there are times when that might not be the best choice.

    So, without being too prescriptive, I would suggest that you listen to “No More Anger” every day until you notice the anger subsiding. This might take a few weeks or a few months, but there is no hurry.  At least initially, you are advised to listen to that track once every day…if possible.

    When you sense the anger has completely gone and the anger is gone for 14 full days, listen to track 2 of “No More Anger.”

    You could listen to both “No More Anger” and “No More Anxiety” on the same day, if you wish…or listen to “No More Anxiety” every other day.

    To some degree, follow your intuition here. If you perceive that anxiety impacts you more often than anger, you could listen to and work through “No More Anxiety” first.


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