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Paul McCabe
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    Hi Truman,

    When discussing what makes something a belief, it is crucial to note that beliefs are abstractions about people, ourselves and life. They can refer to other things too, of course.

    Beliefs feed into emotions, and emotions feed into beliefs.

    “I am”-style beliefs tend to be the core beliefs (“I am not important”, “I am weird” etc.) They feed into emotional patterns, and can be emotionally causal or emotionally descriptive.

    “I am not good enough” is a belief that would have been formed in early childhood, based on interactions with parents or caregivers. “I do not feel good enough” is a description of how you feel based on having beliefs and emotions. It is putting words to the feelings. If someone had a spider phobia and felt fear, eliminating “I was nervous around spiders” and suggesting “I feel excited when spiders are around” is likely to have little or even no impact on feeling the fear. It is not the core belief. Being nervous around spiders is the consequence of having other beliefs and emotionally conditioned responses.

    To give a clear example of this: if you feel nervous expressing yourself around others, telling yourself that you do NOT feel nervous might not be the best strategy. Denial is not the most prudent option, in my experience.

    If the feelings are there, I recommend that you neutralise those first by using the CTs.

    Then, once you have neutralised those down to 0 (or as close as possible to that subjective measurement), eliminate the negative belief with PSTEC Negative  ( or the Belief Blasters (

    If you have these tracks, fantastic. If not, then PSTEC Positive or Positive Extra Power both work brilliantly to layer in suggestions. With these tracks, it should be noted that you can layer in beliefs and behavioural suggestions.

    For the suggestions you have referenced, I would recommend that you add more sizzle. This is just my recommendation, however. You could, for instance, use:

    “I can really enjoy showing people who I really am.”

    “Maybe flirting is even more fun than I thought.”

    “When attractive women are around, my confidence shines.”

    “Perhaps I can start seeing the best in other people.”

    “I can feel great no matter what anyone says to me.”

    Re-word these accordingly and ensure any suggestions you layer in are compelling for you.

    Please let us know how you get on with this work, Truman.

    Paul  :D

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