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    As a rule I leave the forum to others but just wanted to chip in on a point made. As I explained in my conversation with Jeff this introduces a totally new way to work.

    Previously  I've always advocated clearance using Click Tracks first. As a rule of thumb it's still a good one. However, where I've been using Quantum Turbo in my office I haven't always done that.  As I explained on PSTEC Positive Secrets you can also change emotional states and responses by means of an appropriate  shift in belief.

    Stepping back for a moment you can ask the following 2 questions…

    “What belief causes this emotion to exist/persist? What belief would this person have to hold so as not to feel that way in the first place?”

    I plug the first answer into  a Belief Blaster and the second into Quantum Turbo and hey presto!

    This works extremely well and over the time I've been working with Quantum Turbo I've made a point by of doing this with many people.
    The shifts are usually extremely profound and notably many times I've done this instead of Click Tracking something.

    The key is to really nail the answers to  these two questions.

    This means that often I'm not even touching a Click Track for something that would have needed it before.

    The advantage is one of a huge shift in perception. It's a powerful and very impactful way to work.
    Obviously I'm still using Click Tracks on many things but also not on many others. Sometimes I use all three.

    In sessions this brings real flexibility and Quantum Turbo is purposefully designed to allow this.

    If you play with it you'll see exactly what I mean.

    For suggestions for Quantum Turbo I generally select a suggestion of about eight to ten words. That's the ideal length. (Too short and you weaken it. If it's too long then someone may not remember the full suggestion.) The one thing I want is to avoid them having to read it part way through.

    Very often I combine two themes in the one suggestion and I frequently word them somewhat peculiarly.

    Here's an example of two important threads/themes in one suggestion..
    .”David will always be safe the more I can relax now”.  This creates optimum length and also suggests both a perception shift and an outcome.

    One last observation..,Brian is right about NLP in general but here it's not relevant. In respect of NLP ideas about colour texture etc they won't add anything to this particular process. It won't hinder Quantum Turbo so it's fine to do that but it won't add to it either.

    Kind Regards. Tim