Reply To: PSTEC Positive Quantum Turbo

Sindee Lee Gillespie

    Think this one might be for Brian and Paul –

    I've had some good financial success and ready to take things to the next level so that is (most of) my focus for using this new tool!

    Am having a bit of a brain scramble when it comes to numbers — when I look at my financials I see/picture $350,00.00 not three hundred and fifty thousand dollars — so as I set my next targets using PQT I'm “seeing” the numbers instead of the words of the numbers. Does that make sense?

    What I've been doing to picture the words within other statements is mentally hold up a big sign with the word written on it (very effective for me) and yet I'm really having a challenge getting the signs to say the number words instead of the numbers (as in the case above for example: three hundred fifty instead of $350). Do I have to use the words or is a numeric representation an option?

    Any thoughts? Other than I pay attention to my numbers too much…lol

    Thank you!

    With appreciation,