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Paul McCabe
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    Thanks for the posts and questions.

    Brian, that is a brilliant result. I have to say that I am astonished by some of the results that this is producing already and feel it's another breakthrough product with uses that will be expanded upon in time.

    Emotions create beliefs and beliefs create emotions.  These also impact behaviours. With the right suggestions, emotions can change and so can beliefs and behaviours.

    This does not negate any previous advice/protocols, but this tool gives additional avenues to personal change.

    SLG, I will see if I can get Tim to answer about using numerical figures in the suggestions. I would personally work with the target you know and layer in something about achieving that. This also creates flexibility as your target may change.

    Something like: “I can definitely achieve these goals, as I have what it takes”

    I will suggest some others.

    Truman, the difference in the tracks is that the 15 min track has more suggestions. I recommend “mixing and matching”these, as they both work so well. You will get the “best of both worlds” this way.


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