Reply To: Spider phobia

Jesse Jacobs

    Hi Paul,

    I am at 0 memories or imagined fears!

    I meant to write you sooner but I was traveling. I wanted to document my progress because I was amazed at how well it is working. I also want to share my experience so anybody who is reading this will realize how effective PSTEC is. I am a real person who has had a phobia of tarantulas my whole life since I was four. So anybody who is reading this, this is absolutely working.

    After 10 days I am at 0 for memories or imagined fears. For anyone with a spider phobia (or any other fears) here is what I did so far:

    PART 1: Memories or imagined fears

    Day 0: I listened to the initial instruction of the explanation of the program. It sounded very good. So I tried it.

    Day 1: I went to the park and sat on a bench. I wanted somewhere beautiful neutral and safe. I sat calmly for a bit just to get settled. Then I started the click track.  I was really scared when I started but I just stayed with it. I went through the original memories from when I was 4. My dad was afraid of tarantulas. And this was passed to me. I also went through every time in my life I saw a tarantula and it scared me, mostly Zoo and pet store. As I did it it reduced.

    Day 2: The next day the original memories were still there but faded so I had to work harder to be afraid. So I imagined one crawling up my arm. That was scary! I was shaking. But I stayed with it.

    Day 3 & 4: In the next two sessions, I decided not to visualize a new imagined spider in such close proximity. Because I was scared from the day before.  All the original memories of being afraid of a tarantula in real life were less intense, which is good!

    Day 5-8: Now the real memories were all faded. I could think of them but all the fear was drained out. I was trying to be afraid but got no reaction. So then I started again on the imagined fears! And I have a great imagination, so that can be used for good and also can be scary. I imagined a tarantula crawling up my shoulder, on my face, a bunch crawling up my arm, a giant movie sized tarantula standing in front of me. I even imagined I was sitting on a gigantic movie sized tarantula while in the grass. I imagined a tarantula covering the globe. Ha!  These are scary images, and the fears just gradually went dim and faded out. Also I should point out that some of the instructions are so absurdly wonderful I just began laughing at all it. I often would laugh out loud towards the end of each track.

    Day 9: Back in town. Read Paul’s instruction. Switched to second click track which changes the tapping cues up. I worked really hard going over all the original memories, 0. I worked at all imagined fears, and was at 1-2. I was working really hard to conjure it. Over recent days as I did it I also noticed my body each time getting more and more relaxed. My hands at the beginning were slamming on my thighs. But now I was lightly tapping. Breathing calmly. Just felt good.

    Day 10: Today. I went to the park. I did click track 2. I went through every memory. I went through all the imagine fears. Tarantulas everywhere, Tarantulas on my back. Boo! Meh. 0.

    What’s next? Media?

    PART 2:  Photos

    Brian wrote (Thank you Brian) ‘if the spiders on movies/tv scare you put on a scene and CT while you watch it.’

    Here was my plan.

    1. Work with 1 big tarantula image on my iPad. Go to the park and do the click track with my eyes open looking at that image. I assume at the end since my eyes were already open then I just open and close my eyes as instructed at the end.
    2. See how that goes. Then add more images.

    How does that sound? Paul, can you give me any more specific instructions about the next step.

    This system is truly life changing. I am so excited about it. After I finish each time I am so energized and relieved and proud. I seriously sound like a infomercial testimonial. After I am done I would be happy to make one. After I clear this fear I have other things I want to work on.

    You all should be proud and feel really good about how you are helping people!

    Anyway thank you. I must tell you I am so so grateful.