Reply To: Spider phobia

Jesse Jacobs

    Hi Paul,

    And hello to anyone who has a spider phobia, or any phobia for that matter.

    I am progressing steadily, here is my update:  I went from looking at about 20 photos of Tarantulas to hundreds of random photos of tarantulas of every kind. Next I moved on to video. Today I watched a video. I am at 1 after just 4 days of clicking tracking video. This system is simply incredible!  If you are interested you can read further to see that just doing this 1 or 2 times a day is incredibly effective. I am writing all this because I am a living testimonial. No one has asked me to write this. I am going to buy the other click tracks now.

    PHOTOS cont.

    Day 21 AM multiple photos before 1 during 2 after 1
    Day 22 AM multiple photos before 1 during 2 after 1 PM multiple photos before 1 during 2 after 1
    Day 23
    1. Hundreds of google photos, start 1 after .5.
    2. Hundreds of google photos, start 1 after .5.  Touching screen, had feeling of wanting to give the tarantula a hug, and also send it love.
    3. Rght after second session curious about where their eyes are so look at close-ups of their multiple eyes. Started at 1-2, ended at 1- .5

    Time for video! :)


    Day 24  YouTube videos of Tarantula close ups before 8 after 3-4
    It was interesting to start at 8 rather than 10. Also to see the fear just go from 8 to 3 after a minute.

    Day 25  Multiple Tarantula's video 😮 :
    This is a great clip! This goes through many different types of tarantulas being watered and fed cockroaches, and snapping at the owner, and crawling around. I decided to work with this one because it is very close up, with variety. It's as long as the click track. (I never would have been able to look at this for more than a second before.) Started 5 , after 3.

    Day 26  Same video Start 4-5, after 1-2

    Day 27 Same video  Start 3 end 1 Sometimes during the video the fear would increase and I just love letting the fear in and trying to make it even scarier– and it just dissolves. It’s amazing.

    Thank you again!  :)