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Paul McCabe
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    Hi Henry,

    Thank you so much for your post and your kind words. They mean a lot to me, so thank you for sharing.

    For the issue of breaking up with your partner, I would recommend “checking in” to see which particular aspects are worrying you.

    It does seem to be guilt and you can absolutely resolve that with the Click Tracks – think of breaking up with your partner, her perhaps not coping well and CT the guilt down to 0.

    You can, of course, do the same with worry:

    – about your partner
    – about what other people (friends, family etc.) might say or think
    – about what happens next
    – about what you think this “says” about you

    The trapped, sad and angry feelings can all be cleared this way too.

    You might even imagine the very worst things people might say about you if you ended the relationship and CT any negative feelings from those.

    Ths sort of beliefs that seem to support a pattern like this include:

    “I am responsible for other people's happiness”
    “I am bad for hurting (partner)”
    “If I end the relationship, people will think less of me”
    “(Partner) cannot cope without me”
    “(Partner) will never recover from this”

    You can check whether those resonate and put them into the past tense, and “blast” any you have with the Belief Blasters.

    For PP Quantum Turbo, you may wish to layer in suggestions like:

    “Setting us both free is the right thing to do and I can relax now”
    “No matter what anyone says about me, I know what's in my heart”
    “(Partner) has it in her to resolve her hurts, and so do I”
    “The relationship was good and we both deserve to be free now”
    “I am calm and at ease when making difficult decisions now”
    “Breaking up makes sense and I can relax about doing the right thing”
    “I will be loving and respectful when breaking up with (partner)”

    Please let us know how you get on with this, Henry.

    Best Regards,

    Paul  :D

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