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Paul McCabe
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    Hi Oliver,

    Thanks for the update and it is great to learn of your bonus result.

    When you use PSTEC systematically, you will likely notice even more of the bonuses stacking up. Thanks for spreading the word.

    And, if you require any guidance, well…that's why we're here  ;)

    There are so many tracks available and, indeed, something for everyone.

    In addition to the free Click Tracks, I recommend the following:

    Free Tracks

    – Embracing Change (
    – You are Amazing! (
    – Mindfulness with PSTEC (

    Paid Tracks

    PSTEC Positive Quantum Turbo (
    Belief Blasters (
    Click Tracks 2015 (
    PSTEC Accelerator (

    Belief Blasters allow you to eliminate unwanted beliefs, while Quantum Turbo enables you to install positive suggestions and trigger new behaviours within yourself. These are Tim's newest tracks and are a great fusion of power and ease.

    The Accelerators make progress even quicker, and can help with the recall of causal/problem memories.

    The Click Track 2015 package contains 6 tracks (2 short, 2 medium and 2 long). There are longer and even more complex Click Tracks, and these will enable you to bundle numerous memories together and take them out with tremendous efficiency.

    Hope that helps, Oliver.

    Thanks again,

    Paul  :)

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