Reply To: I can’t believe this! Amazing


    Hey Paul,

    It is my pleasure and thanks for the insightful reply.

    I spent today working through quite a few other things.  We all have physical features that we are self conscious about.  I need to probably do another session but the self consciousness reduced from what I gauged about a 7 down to a 2 or 3.

    I had a bully incident as a kid that I clicktracked a couple times and I have felt this feeling of personal power all day since.

    Now I'm not sure, I have just recently delved into the belief blaster and quantum turbo.  But I find working with memories associated with a belief through clicktracks much more effective than the belief blaster.  Although I am very new to it. 

    I used belief blaster on “I would never be a wealthy individual” and “I never knew who I was”  (that last one was just an experiment.  I feel I have lived most of my life trying to please other people rather than live life for myself.

    And I also did two positive affirmations with quantum turbo.  These are yet to be determined, one about money and one about public speaking.  However, these affirmations now just seem to ring in my head automatically.  Very interesting.

    Will keep giving updates because I love this stuff and can't wait to see how different of a person I am in 2 weeks, in a month, in 3 months with consistent work.