Reply To: Social anxiety and PTSD suggestions

Brian Tucker

    The PTSD is weird. The experience was a very mild one and thinking of the experience now generates absolutely no negative feelings, instead its unrelated situations that now cause a response instead.

    I know this event is whats causing the problem, yet its somehow evolved to be trigger by events unrelated to the original one.

    I have click tracked the original event before and a few of the major triggers but there are so many of them i get confused when click tracking and I can never seem to tap into feelings when click tracking as they only trigger spontaneously.


    Fantastic post, guys thank you for sharing!

    Regardless of what the experience was, a suggestion is to go back to the event and TRY to CT the feelings of 1.) how extremely “upset” you were about it/by it and still maybe are. Then get extremely angry at it. Then get angry at how sick and frickn tired you are of it. How sick and tired you are of worrying about it. Get angry that the CT aren't working on it or working in general. (frustration)

    Another great one I had attached to my trauma was “It's not safe to feel safe” you would definitely want to clear that if you have it. That is what is referred to here as a “fear of the fear” you can also CT the feelings that you worry/fear the emotions will come back.

    Hope this helps.