Reply To: Phobia being around loud and verbally aggressive people


    After a couple of days of click tracking and belief blasting here’s where I am so far. 

    When I click track on fearful situations I’m still getting little to no movement or shift in the intensity of the feelings.  But when I click track on frustration or anger I have no problem unleashing those feelings and I’m able to make good progress on reducing the intensity by the end of the click track.  I’m going to keep going on that until there’s no more anger left.  Hoping it’s sooner rather than later!

    I’ve also been running some of the beliefs that Paul suggested using the belief blasters and I’m honestly not sure if it’s making any difference.  A lot of the beliefs that I’m trying to clear are tied to feeling like I will be severely hurt or killed if I let my guard down, show any form of anger towards someone, speak up, etc.  I’m probably over analyzing this to death but if my sub conscious mind’s sole duty is to keep me safe, why would it ever agree to give up a belief that is directly tied to personal safety?

    Here’s an extreme but relevant example.  One of my worst fears is being out on a date with a woman and a group of drunk guys come up and start physically harassing us.  In my mind, there’s only two ways out of this. 1. Cower and run away or 2. Stand up to the thugs and be beaten to an inch of my life or likely killed.  If I take choice 1 the shame and guilt would be as bad as mentally dying and if I take choice 2 I’m still likely dead. In using the click tracks the standard advice is to click on the absolute worse case scenario until it’s at a 1 or 0.  Well, to me it doesn’t get worse case than that and I can say right now that no matter how many times I click track on that scenario, I’m still going to feel just as terrified as when I first started.  The idea of click tracking away that innate survival instinct feels about as relevant as click tracking away the biological need for water or food.  How can I convince the sub that it’s “okay” put myself in real (or perceived) danger?  :-