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    Hi guys,

    So, here I am again. Few months ago Paul helped me with gaslighting in email which was very helpful and that’s why I want to share here his instructions with others. Is it OK to share here?

    So, here is his email:


    I have indeed heard of gaslighting and have worked with people who have experienced it. It is a horrible way to be treated.

    Here is a good video about it:

    I’d also recommend CTing any painful incidents you have had around your mother. Try hard to feel those feelings you get when she is being abusive towards you. Make this real. Think of the way she looks at you and speaks to you and TRY HARD to get really angry. Keep CTing until her words have no negative impact on you.

    Please also give this protocol a try:

    Step 1

    Think of times you have experienced Gaslighting. This includes all of your experiences of being manipulated or having your feelings being denied by your mother. There will be a mixture here (e.g. annoyance, fear,
    anger, sadness) – just let them surface while you think about these times.

    Run the Long CT 2015 track (28 mins) on “Gaslighting and manipulative behaviour”.
    Work through each memory, idea or concept. Just TRY hard to feel the heavy feelings. Really, really try. Allow it all to come up.
    If it is not down to a 0 or 1, you may wish to run the same Click Track again. If it feels too much today, then once is enough. Keep going until this is a 0 or 1.

    Step 2

    Run the Belief Blasters (18 mins) on the following beliefs:

    – “I was not respected ”
    – “I was not allowed to be me”
    – “I had to feel what mother wanted me to feel”

    Step 3

    Run the 15 min PQT on each of these:

    – “No matter what she says or does, I am enough”

    – “I am calm and at ease around (Mum/mother) now”

    – “I am absolutely worthy of respect now it’s true”
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    Really commit yourself to that and let me know how you get on.

    ———————————————————————————- End of email.