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Leo Molina

    Hello Tarmicle:

    Welcome to the Forum and to PSTEC.

    If you are not yet overwhelmed by the recent events perhaps you would care to let us know how are you doing COVID-wise and PSTEC-wise.

    In any case I would like to comment on this posting,as most of us would agree, starting a journey into the unknown is very scary. Fear is a terrible taskmaster. It is unforgiving if we do not manage it. It, like our present pandemic, makes no distinction as to age, sex, colour.

    I began my journey with PSTEC when I was 70 years old, seven years ago. I had tried many modalities without success, and then I literally stumbled on PSTEC. When the student is ready the teacher appears.

    I thank Jeff for getting me started on the right track. I realized that I had no idea where to start but I at least I had the common sense of asking for help from Jeff.

    I have used most of the prgorammes. I do not know how Tim has time to produce such gems. Thank you, Tim. I will be sure to hold the door open for you on the other side.

    My advice to newcomers is follow the advice given so freely by the pros in this forum, Paul, Brian, Jeff, and sometimes others like Peter. It may make no sense to you but once you have found your stride you will begin to see your path.

    Keep a written record of the programmes that you have used, and the results. What have you noticed? Changes? New feelings? You need to prioritize your next step, e.g. finding work may be crucial at this point so you work on that first. The beauty of PSTEC is that you do not have to share embarrassing details with others, so you can be very frank with yourself. LOL!

    Above all, trust yourself and your feelings. Remember that you have lived a life full of this and that and sometimes it will take time for changes to take place. But, sometimes you will notice an immediate change.

    Brian and Paul have given us a good list of “dark corners” where to look , and scrape the cow webs. And , keep doing whatever you feel you must do. PSTEC works, I have proof of that.

    All the best, and be safe.